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We are a certificated team, worried for your security for home and/or business. We were in the same position as you were in sometime, having break in, robbery, burglary, vandalism, etc. We want to stop that!.. We want to help you having the best surveillance camera system service, let us help you, we bring everything you need to protect your home goods and/or business.


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We Build Your Protection. Make Home Feel Safe Again
We have the best equipment and modern in the market.
We install the best security system, Home Alarm and Surveillance Camera, for your tranquility. We recommend and guaranteed our best surveillance camera system in the market. We bring the best and affordable service for your tranquility and needs. We DO care about the customer and accordance. WE WILL BE THERE TO HELP YOU!
Do you have problems with your current installed system?. Don`t worry, we are here to fix it!

Our Team

What can we say, we love what we do!
Felix Lantigua
Felix Lantigua

CEO- Project Manager

I am the responsible to make the job well done the first time.

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